Hindernisse HREM 2022

Obstacle list

1. Overlay

- Hover - A log is to be pulled over a transverse log between wooden stakes behind it with dropping cones. (incl. hovering, 50 additional points are awarded if the hovering is achieved).

2. Joist

The log must be pulled under an unsecured crossbar that rests on two parallel logs. In the process, the log must be unhooked and re-hooked pegs with dropping cones are located in front of and behind it. Maximum total height: 45 cm.

3. Alley or slalom pull-through

Several high stakes with dropping cones between which the log must be pulled through. - Reach around!

4. Bridge

The bridge is at least 2 m long and the log is to be pulled over it. In front of it and behind it are pegs with dropping cones.

5. Green curtain

Drooping branches that need to be stepped through.

6. Push back on one level

Thin-grained end of the log must bring a lever to turn over. Pegs with dropping cones are located in front and behind.

7. Push back on a slope

The thin end of the log is to be pushed over an inclined plane until a certain position is reached.

9. Work on voice

The logger stops his/her horses in the first quadrangle (2×2 m) and arranges and fastens the lines properly. Only with the voice the horses are directed to the second square (also 2×2 m), which is about 5 m away. As soon as the horse(s) are in the second square with all hooves, an absolute stop is made.

10. The gyroscope

The drawn log is to be drawn around a living tree or fixed strong wooden peg in such a way that it describes the path of a circle. Four wooden cylinders, either closer and closer to the center of the circle or equally spaced, are to be knocked over with the end of the log. Behind the wooden cylinders are pegs with the cones, which must not be knocked over.

16. One-hand drive through

Approximately 3 goals with a distance of about 2m (depending on the space). At the beginning there is a post on which an object (e.g. chainsaw) is placed. The carter must pick it up with one hand and carry it while passing through the obstacle. At the end of the gates, the chainsaw must be placed back on the opposite post.

11. Inclined elevator

The thick-grained log end is to be pulled up in an inclined plane and held at a specified position for a specified time (3 seconds).

12. The "Polter"

The log must be placed exactly between two adjacent logs. If the log is placed exactly at the level of the other two logs, the obstacle is scored with up to 200 points. For each cm of deviation 5 points are deducted.

13. Long wood carriage

The log is to be loaded onto a long log carriage with the help of a double chain.

14. Backing

Between two poles resting on poles and wooden log lying on the ground to climb over backwards.

15. Wedge obstacle

Two non-parallel logs (entry approx. 110cm; exit approx. 35cm wide) are to be passed with the back log.


17. Turning in the square

The horse is to be turned in a square with 4 poles.

17. The L-obstacle

2 logs are fixed to the ground in the L. A wooden post is fixed in the middle of the L and must not be knocked over. The back log must be pulled along the lying timbers.

19. The U-obstacle

3 logs are placed on the ground as a U. In the open area of the U there is a standing wooden post (in the middle). To the left of it, the back log must be inserted into the U, and to the right of it, the log must be pulled out.

20. The X-obstacle

2 thicker logs are laid on the ground to form a cross. The back log must be pulled up on the log lying on the ground so that it can be turned onto the log lying on top. Then pull it further until you can turn the log onto the next log again. The back log must have rested on all four ends of the wooden cross.

20. The pendulum

Two logs with different notches lie parallel on the ground. The back log is pulled onto the rear log and placed on the front log, then the back log is to be moved between the notches of the rear log.