Europameisterschaften im Holzrücken


Participation requirements


  • One participant per European nation is allowed to start in each competition. If only one person is nominated or registered for a nation, this person can also represent his/her country in both competitions.
  • All current European national champions are eligible to compete.
  • As the host country, the runners-up may also compete for Austria.
  • Every expert horse logger is allowed to start at the preliminary heats and has the possibility to qualify for the EM run on Sunday.
  • Member associations of the FECTU can nominate participants:inside for the nations, in which no national championships took place.
  • In countries with more than one FECTU member club or additional logging associations a nomination should take place by consensus, respectively the better result from the heats is decisive for the start in the final competition.
  • All participants will take part in the woodturning competitions (preliminary heats) on Friday or Saturday as an option. Participants who are not officially nominated for the European Championships can thus qualify for the competition on Sunday and thus for participation in the European Championships.
  • 15 starters are allowed per event. The gap between the fixed places and the 15 allowed starters will be filled with the best placed from the heats.
  • The reigning European Champions are automatically qualified and additionally entitled to start beyond the respective national quota.
  • In the single carriage competition each participant may start only once.
  • If there are no national championships in a participating country, no participant has been nominated by the FECTU and several loggers of this country have applied to participate in the European Championships, the one who performs best in the competition on Friday/Saturday will qualify.
  • 15 participants are admitted to the main competitions (single carriage and double carriage).
  • A fixed-placed starter can only be disqualified from the start by disqualification/exclusion. The best compatriot from the heats will then become a fixed-placed starter in the main event.
  • Scoring: The final result per participant will be formed by the result from the respective preliminary race (Friday or Saturday) plus the result of the main competition. The result lists will be published accordingly.
  • Registration: The registration takes place via request and then binding transmission of the registration form by mail to
  • Deadline for registration is set at July 31, 2022.
  • There is no participation fee. The reservation fee is 50 euros and must be transferred to our account by July 31, 2022. Upon participation, the amount will be returned in the form of meal vouchers. Bank details: IBAN: AT331700000122008436 BIC: BFKKAT2K is to the Verein der österreichischen Holzrücker mit Pferden und Freunde des Arbeitspferdes.

You are also welcome to complete the registration manually and send it to us by mail or post:
The association of Austrian loggers with drafthorses and friends of the drafthorse
Chairman Ing. Johannes Stippich
Glantschach 5
9556 Liebenfels

Europameisterschaften im Holzrücken